Software to Perform Data Recovery from Formatted Hard Drive, USB, SSD

The Process which involves in removal of all files from the drive and allowing free space for writing new data on the storage drive is term as ‘Formatting Drive’. Many users may come across this term either by unintentionally or else erroneously. However data get removed from the drive due to the formatting, but there is a lot of misconception regarding formatting process as many users may think that all files get removed for permanently when the drive is formatted and  lost files cannot be recovered. But in actual practice, there is way to recover lost files from the formatted hard drive, USB, SSD and other storage drives.

Before knowing the way of recovering, it is important to know: what will happen internally when the drive is formatted? Here it is explained with an example of drive partition. Logical Drive of HDD consists of system area and data area. ‘Data area’ region is allocate for storing all files and folders in clusters, while coming to ‘system area’, it includes boot sectors which stores the information related to number of sectors, size of files, start & end of partition. Similarly root directory stores file name, size, date of creation & modification, and root folder details.

When the hard drive is formatted, then it will erase all the references related to the system area and allows users to create completely new file system which indicates that all the sectors are removed and can be access freely  to overwrite data and for new files in the data area. So there is still chance that files lost due to format of drive can be recover easily. Let us know from the below discussion.

Easy Way to Overcome Data Loss Scenarios (Due to Format):

As said earlier, there is a way to carry out data recovery process from the formatted hard drive, USB, SSD, and other storage drives. For this, you need recovery software like Recover Formatted Drive which is designed specially to recover data from formatted drive and it is efficient to do. Drive Data which is not ready to perform any operation like view, copy, paste, etc. can be reclaim to its normal position by utilizing Recover Formatted Drive. It has ability to recover formatted drive data in non-destructive manner as it undergoes read only concept while recovering files. Below are listed some more features of this recovery tool.

Recover Formatted Drive Software – Key Features:

  • Efficient tool to perform recovery of data from the different storage drives like hard drive, Pen drive, Solid State drive, etc.
  • This tool is Compatible to recover data from formatted drive on both Windows and Mac operating systems
  • It has ability to perform Fast scanning of data from the formatted drive with the aid of its strong scanning algorithm.
  • Recover Formatted Drive Software is more Reliable tool as doesn’t write even a single byte of data to the drive from where data is recovering

Still, there is need to know why people opt for formatting the drive and this will help you further when you come across such similar situations. Let us have a look on the different scenarios in which users will select format button.

Cases in Which Users Opt for Formatting Drives:

  • Accidental Format
  • Occurrence of Bad Sectors
  • File System Corruption

To know more or get detailed info about how to recover data from formatted drive on both Windows and Mac OS based computers, you can visit this page: