How to Recover Data from Formatted Hard Drive on Windows and Mac based PCs?

accidental-formatIn this era of technology, people are using various electronic devices like laptops, tablets, camcorder, digital cameras, computers and others for their personal as well as professional works. All of these devices allow them to complete their work very efficiently and also save them in their system hard drive with a specific file format very easily. These specific file formats have their own file extension, type, and features. After completion of work, people save them into their system hard drive and access them when required. Beside these features of data files, sometimes people can come across a situation where they are unable to access their important data stored on their system hard drive. There are many circumstances which can put people in such data loss trouble, one of them is hard drive format.

In this case, people may knowingly format their system hard drive instance of formatting other externally connected drive and face data deletion issue. Generally, this formatting process removes entire data saved on the drive in a single mouse click and mark drive memory as empty for new upcoming data. If any one of you is facing such painful data deletion issue and want to recover data from formatted hard drive, then there is no need to worry about it because you can easily overcome from this situation by using an advanced recovery program like Recover Formatted Drive. Apart from third party app, there is no other way by which formatted drive data recovery can be achieved. This hassle free tool has enough power to recover data from formatted hard drive on all the latest versions of Mac and Windows based computers easily.

Most common reasons behind hard drive format:

  • Infection of dangerous viruses on system hard drive can lead to inaccessibility of drive partition by which data saved on it also unreachable. In this case, people need to format their drive partition to overcome from virus attacks.
  • File system of computer hard drive is responsible for keeping and tracking the data stored on it. If this file system gets corrupted due to improper operation on drive, then drive cannot be accessed. In this case, people need to assign new file system by formatting the drive with a specific file system to access it and face data loss problem.
  • While formatting other system drive or externally connected drive with the computer, people can mistakenly choose other drive and face data loss issue.

Features of Recover Formatted Drive Software:

  • This easy to use tool allows a user to restore data from formatted hard drive by following few simple mouse clicks and also take the preview of them before saving them to another drive easily.
  • Recover Formatted Drive utility is capable to recover data from formatted hard drive which supports any file system, including NTFS, FAT16, HFS, FAT32, HFS+ and ExFAT without any more difficulty.
  • Capable of restoring data from the formatted, damaged, broken or corrupted system as well as from external hard drives within few mouse clicks.
  • Helps in recovering various types of data files including audios, documents, pictures, text files, videos, pdf files and many more easily.